Bible lessons about "strength"

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Word Study: Me'od - "Strength" (YouTube)

The Bible Project

Feb 15, 2018 - What does it mean to love God "with all of your strength"? In this final installment of our videos on the Shema, we explore the Hebrew word underneath this phrase. And spoiler alert: "strength" is only... (04:43)

Overcoming Anger with God's Strength (YouTube)

The Gospel Coalition

Jun 15, 2017 - Our anger is a temporary abandonment of God. Ed Welch-biblical counselor and faculty member at Christian Counseling & Education Foundation-on how to overcome anger with God's strength. (04:34)

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His Joy Is Our Strength (Podcast)

McLean Bible Church - Todd Peters

May 20, 2018 - Todd Peters, Prince William Campus Pastor Like Nehemiah, Christians today need to understand God is the source of their strength and great joy. (32:07)

Scripture: Nehemiah

Flee from Delusions of Strength // Ask Pastor John (YouTube)

Desiring God - John Piper

Dec 20, 2017 - EPISODE 624 // June 23, 2015 // For more Ask Pastor John episodes, visit (04:02)

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Strength Through the Gospel (YouTube)

Desiring God

Feb 24, 2016 - Watch the full message here: (06:38)

The Strength to Pursue (YouTube)

Village Church

Oct 8, 2014 - From the sermon, A Beautiful Design (Part 5) - Man's Redemption - (01:34)

Strength in God's Word (YouTube)

Village Church

Nov 15, 2016 - From sermon, Signs and Wonders (Exodus Part 12) - The Village Church exists to bring glory to God by making disciples through gospel-centered worship, gospel-centered community, gospel-centered service... (00:43)

Scripture: Exodus

The Strength of a Godly Woman: Hope in Her God (YouTube)

Desiring God

Sep 22, 2017 - At the heart of true womanhood isn't the right looks or the best husband, but unceasing hope in God. (04:40)

1 Corinthians 15:9-10 Part 3 // Grace Supplies Strength for Today (YouTube)

Desiring God - John Piper

Nov 2, 2015 - If grace empowers us to live like Christ, how do we access that grace day after day? What does it mean to live in the strength and grace that God supplies? In this lab, John Pipers continues to unpack... (13:53)

Finding Everyday Strength (Podcast)

Saddleback Church

Jul 23, 2017 - Between juggling work, family, and everyday obligations, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and defeated at times. That's why the Bible tells us to find strength in the Lord and not in ourselves. In this message...


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"Is my strength the strength of stones? Or is my flesh of brass?" - Job 6:12

"They go from strength to strength; Every one of them appeareth before God in Zion." - Psalms 84:7

"Ascribe ye strength unto God: His excellency is over Israel, And his strength is in the skies." - Psalms 68:34

"In his neck abideth strength, And terror danceth before him." - Job 41:22

"Seek ye Jehovah and his strength; Seek his face evermore." - Psalms 105:4