Bible lessons about "relativism"

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Harvard professor, Diana Eck, on the difference between pluralism and relativism (YouTube)

Veritas Forum

Jan 7, 2016 - Harvard professor of comparative religion and director of Harvard's Pluralism Project, Diana Eck, points to the need for dialogue across religious traditions without resorting to a relativism that denies... (01:53)

"True for You... but not for Me" - Elise Springer and Greg Ganssle explore relativism at Wesleyan (YouTube)

Veritas Forum

May 5, 2012 - - What is truth, both objective and relative? What are some helpful ways to think "relativistically" about truth? Two philosophers provide differing and occasionally complementary perspectives. Greg Ganssle (01:21:25)

John Piper: The Challenge of Relativism (YouTube)

Ligonier Ministries - John Piper

May 29, 2015 - This message will focus on one of the most pervasive contemporary challenges to the Christian faith, the challenge of relativism. This message is from our 2007 National Conference, Contending for the Truth:... (56:24)

Peter Berger on why all religions cannot be true (YouTube)

Veritas Forum

Feb 12, 2016 - World-class sociologist of religion, Peter Berger, explains why pluralism doesn't mean relativism, at the Veritas Forum at Harvard Divinity School. Find this and many other talks at SUBSCRIBE: FACEBOOK:... (00:55)

Paul Lim advocates for principled pluralism at The Veritas Forum (YouTube)

Veritas Forum

Dec 6, 2011 - - What is the best response to religious relativism in our secular and post-secular society? Paul Lim, professor of history, Christian, and house master at Vanderbilt University, argues for principled (02:06)

A Confucian perspective on truth (YouTube)

Veritas Forum

Mar 9, 2016 - Harvard dean, Rakesh Khurana, questions Harvard professor, Michael Puett, on truth and relativism. Find this and many other talks at SUBSCRIBE: FACEBOOK: Over the past two decades, The Veritas Forum... (04:27)

New Bible Study: Jesus Among Secular Gods (YouTube)

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Jan 9, 2018 - As belief in the secular gods of atheism, hedonism, relativism, and humanism continues to grow, it's more important than ever for believers to be able to defend the claims of Christ. This six-session Bible... (01:52)

John Stott at the 2nd Veritas Forum at Harvard - Is Jesus Christ still "Veritas" ? (YouTube)

Veritas Forum - John Stott

Jul 29, 2011 - university events life's hardest questions relevance of Jesus Christ Who is Jesus Christ? Is he still important? John Stott, renowned Christian leader, and key author of the Lausanne Covenant, addresses... (04:23)

What do we really know about right and wrong? | J. Budziszewski at Veritas Texas A&M (YouTube)

Veritas Forum

Jun 27, 2018 - A noted thinker has warned about a 'dictatorship of moral relativism.' But some norms do vary according to circumstances (it would be wrong to drive on the right in England, wouldn't it?) Besides, some... (01:22:12)

Diana Eck & Vinoth Ramachandra - Myths about Pluralism - The Veritas Forum at Harvard (YouTube)

Veritas Forum

May 9, 2012 - - Pluralism: it's not tolerance, it's not relativism, it's not multiculturalism... but it's all around us! In this Veritas Forum from Harvard, we explore the myths and challenges behind our new religious (01:16:58)