Bible lessons about "racism"

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When Is Abortion Racism?

Desiring God

Apr 4, 2013 - (35:54)

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Racism is Not a Skin Problem, It's a Sin Problem - Robert Smith

The Gospel Coalition - Robert Smith

May 26, 2015 - Robert Smith, professor of preaching at Beeson Divinity School, speaks on the underlying root of racism. (01:52)

How Churches Can Address Hidden Feelings of Prejudice and Racism

The Gospel Coalition - Jackie Hill

Apr 3, 2018 - Jackie Hill Perry-writer, speaker, and artist-discusses how churches can seek to uproot sins of racism and insensitivity that can persist in a church: by creating a community that values the image of God... (02:08)

How to Talk With Kids About Racism

Village Church

Sep 10, 2018 - Racism can be a difficult topic to discuss with kids, but one way to approach it is to help them understand it through the lens of humanity's sin and brokenness. (02:12)

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Why Racism Is an Imago Dei Issue

Village Church

Sep 27, 2017 - By having a robust understanding and practice of the imago dei, the Church can become something the world looks to as a solution to racism and the brokenness that exists among ethnicities. (01:48)

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Racism and Corporate Evil: A White Guy's Perspective - Tim Keller

Desiring God - Tim Keller

Aug 26, 2017 - If we don't get what the Bible says about corporate evil, we won't only misunderstand the Bible, but we won't understand our non-white brothers and sisters' pain. (26:06)

Christian and atheist perspetives on racism, privilege, and sin

Veritas Forum

Jan 5, 2016 - Prof Andra Gillespie (Emory) and Dean Sumun Pendakur (Harvey Mudd) discuss racism, privilege, and sin, at The Veritas Forum at Claremont, 2015. Find this and many other talks at SUBSCRIBE: FACEBOOK:... (07:07)

Darwinian Evolution and Racism with Ken Ham

Answers In Genesis - Ken Ham

Aug 7, 2018 - The full title of Darwin's most famous work included some stark words: On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. Darwin wasn't... (05:32)

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From "Fighting Racism With The Gospel"

Hickory Grove Baptist Church

Mar 7, 2018 - Segment from Pastor Clint Pressley's Sunday sermon. The entire service can be viewed at: (00:46)

The Phil Vischer Podcast, Episode 133: Addressing Systemic Racism with Guest Theon Hill

Phil Vischer Podcast

Mar 1, 2017 - It's Christmas! Check out the new fun ways our atheist and satanist friends are celebrating Jesus's birth this year! Then Phil and Skye are joined by guest Theon Hill to discuss the church's role in addressing... (57:27)

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