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(Through The Bible) Philippians by Zac Poonen

SermonIndex - Zac Poonen

Feb 16, 2017 - Website: Google+: SermonIndex is not just a website but really has become a movement of believers seeking the 'old paths' (Jeremiah 6:16). This journey of faith weaves through the current state of evangelical... (54:47)

Philippians 3:1-3: True Christianity || Luke Nash

Heart Cry Missionary Society

Oct 24, 2017 - Christ Church Radford 10/22/2017 Evening Service (42:08)

Scripture: Philippians 3:1-21

Philippians 2:9-11 // Is God an Egomaniac?

Desiring God - John Piper

May 26, 2018 - In this lab, John Piper shows us that the purpose for Jesus's work on the cross and subsequent resurrection is not merely that he loved humanity. The bloody Son and the empty tomb proclaim that God loves... (14:08)

Scripture: Philippians 2:9-11

An Excursion Through Philippians by Ian Paisley


Mar 20, 2009 - The work and ministry of sermonindex can be encapsulated in this one word: REVIVAL. sermonindex is not a organisation, business, or any attempt by man to build something for God. It is rather a expression... (56:29)

Scripture: Philippians

Philippians 1:9-11 // Holiness Will Make You Happy

Desiring God

Sep 7, 2017 - In this lab, Pastor John reminds us that those who are filled with the fruit of righteousness are those who are truly happy because sharing in Christ's likeness allows us to share in Christ's joy. For... (10:14)

Scripture: Philippians 1:9-11

Philippians 1:3-5 // Thank God for Gospel Friendships

Desiring God - John Piper

Jul 4, 2017 - One of God's most precious gifts to his children are gospel partnerships. In this lab, John Piper reminds us that our sweetest friendships in this life are those that revolve around Christ. For the study... (09:59)

Scripture: Philippians 1:3-5

Philippians 3:12-21: The Maturing Christian || Luke Nash

Heart Cry Missionary Society

Apr 1, 2018 - Christ Church Radford 04/01/2018 (49:29)

Scripture: Philippians 3:12-21

Philippians 2:19-24 // Is Christianity About Self-Denial?

Desiring God

Oct 9, 2018 - In this lab, Pastor John wrestles with the place of self-denial in the Christian life, and its place on the path to everlasting happiness. For the study guide, visit: (15:52)

Scripture: Philippians 2:19-24

"What does the Bible say about stress?" - Philippians 4:6-8

Illuminate Community Church - Jason Fritz

Oct 3, 2016 - What does the Bible say about stress? In this sermon Pastor Jason Fritz explains exactly what the Bible says about stress. Philippians 4:6-8 Thank you for tuning in! This week starts a 5-week series covering... (36:48)

Scripture: Philippians 4:6-8

Philippians 2:17-30: Men to Imitate || Luke Nash

Heart Cry Missionary Society

Oct 9, 2017 - Christ Church Radford || 10/01/2017, Evening Service (34:19)

Scripture: Philippians 2:17-30