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Examining Trials of Pre-Christian Culture vs. Trials of Post-Christian Culture - Voddie Baucham

Sermon Library - Voddie Baucham

Jul 22, 2017 - Examining Trials of Pre-Christian Culture vs. Trials of Post-Christian Culture - Voddie Baucham (56:22)

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Developing a Healthy Corporate Culture

Dallas Theological Seminary

Nov 14, 2017 - In this episode, Dr. Darrell L. Bock and David Ridley discuss faith and work, focusing on developing a healthy corporate culture with Christian values. The post Developing a Healthy Corporate Culture appeared...

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Creating a Culture of Service

Reality LA - Tim Chaddick

Nov 23, 2010 - How do we create a counter culture of service in a city like Los Angeles? Pastor TIm Chaddick looks at the list of people found in Romans 16 to see what it takes to be culture of service in an urban environment. (01:00:47)

Scripture: Romans 16

The Church and Politics (Part 2) - Chip Ingram - Culture Shock

Living on the Edge - Chip Ingram

Aug 11, 2014 - How does God expect His Church to engage in the political process? (02:54)

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How Do We Find Courage in Our Current Culture?

Village Church

Mar 27, 2018 - We grow in courage when we fix our eyes on God, who is infinitely rich and wise. The Lord is a victorious warrior who fights for us. (01:00)

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Donna Freitas: Hookup Culture

Q Ideas

Feb 9, 2015 - "Hooking up" has become a mainstay of college life. Sexualized relationships is part of the air Millennials breath. Permeating all facets of social life and discourse, casual sex has become the norm. But... (18:15)

Culture | Empires: Week 4

Crossroads Church

Oct 21, 2018 - Like ancient Rome, we live in a culture of violence and aggression. Our entertainment, sports, social media-even our political and news structures-are all built on a constant cycle of violence and destruction.... (30:32)

Scripture: Romans 8:22-24

Culture of Outrage

Seacoast Church

Aug 21, 2018 - Ephesians 4:26-32 CULTURE- THE MIXTURE OF GOD'S IMAGE AND HUMAN BROKENNESS DISPLAYED IN INSTITUTIONS, COMMERCE, ART, LEISURE AND GOVERNANCE. Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your (34:39)

A Culture of Generosity

Reality LA - Tim Chaddick

Apr 30, 2013 - Our culture has generally portrayed giving as a loss. Pastor Tim Chaddick teaches from Acts 20:35 and 1 Timothy 3:14-15, and explains how Gospel-motivated generosity is integral to our spiritual health. (01:02:39)

Bob Hurley: Surf Culture

Q Ideas

Apr 15, 2014 - Surfing season is in full swing for amateurs and professionals alike. In an interview with his friend and To Write Love on Her Arms founder, Jamie Tworkowski, Bob Hurley recounts some of his journey as... (10:01)

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