Bible lessons about "contentment"

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Philippians 2:14-18 // The Secret of Contentment (YouTube)

Desiring God

Aug 4, 2018 - God doesn't want his secret to contentment to be a secret. He wrote it plainly in a book. In this lab, Pastor John uncovers it for us. For the study guide, visit: #LookAtTheBook (10:11)

Scripture: Philippians 2:14-18

Only Contentment Kills Covetousness // Battling Unbelief (YouTube)

Desiring God - John Piper

Nov 20, 2018 - Our coveting problem is really a worship problem. In this lab, John Piper drills down to the root of covetousness and calls us back to contentment in God. For the study guide, visit: #LookAtTheBook (14:20)

Melissa Kruger on the Biggest Obstacle to Contentment Among Christian Women (YouTube)

The Gospel Coalition - Melissa Kruger

Dec 7, 2016 - Melissa Kruger, TGC editor, blogger and book author, on the biggest obstacle to contentment among Christian women. (01:47)

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The Source of Our Contentment (YouTube)

Ligonier Ministries - Melissa Kruger

Oct 18, 2018 - In this brief clip, Melissa Kruger explains that contentment has little to do with our outer circumstances and everything to do with our relationship with Jesus Christ. Learn more in her new teaching series,... (01:06)

The School of Contentment (Podcast)

Willow Creek Community Church

Jun 4, 2014 - Pastor and author Jeff Manion continues the Midweek RISK series with the message, The School of Contentment.

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"The Key to Contentment" (Vimeo)

theMOVEMENT Oakland

Dec 8, 2014 - A one-minute segment from Pastor Edward's message, "A Case for Contentment." To watch the message in its' entirety visit (00:55)

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Contentment and covetousness by Zac Poonen (YouTube)

Sermon Library - Zac Poonen

Jul 14, 2017 - Contentment and covetousness by Zac Poonen (01:21:01)

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The Secret of Contentment (Podcast)

Church of the Highlands

Apr 23, 2018 - Comparison can make us believe that what we have is not good enough. Contentment is a promise for God's people throughout the Bible. Check out Part 3 to learn how we can be content in a culture of discontentment. (40:25)

Contentment with Our Possessions - Thabiti Anyabwile (YouTube)

Truth Endures - Thabiti Anyabwile

Sep 16, 2015 - Watch Thabiti Anyabwile speak on "Contentment with Our Possessions" (01:03:40)

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Formula for Contentment by Dr Michael Barrett (YouTube)

Sermon Library

Aug 5, 2017 - Formula for Contentment by Dr Michael Barrett (41:28)

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