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Unexpected Behavior (Vimeo)

The Summit Church

Feb 4, 2013 - 04/26/2009 Unexpected Series (41:40)

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What taken-for-granted patterns of behavior do you see at elite universities? (YouTube)

Veritas Forum

Mar 9, 2016 - Harvard dean, Rakesh Khurana, questions Harvard professor, Michael Puett, and Stanford professor, Charles Lee, about the patterns of behavior they see at elite universities. Find this and many other talks... (06:05)

Does God Exist Series: The Behavior of Christians (YouTube)

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Jul 17, 2014 - Skeptics deny the notion of God by pointing to believers who don't live the life they proclaim. They say, "if god and religion were real, we would see a transformation." RZIM itinerant speakers answer... (03:02)

Jesus Never Mentioned Homosexuality (YouTube)

The Gospel Coalition - Sam Allberry

Jul 1, 2017 - Although Jesus doesn't mention homosexuality, he's not neutral when it comes to sexual behavior. Sam Allberry-TGC editor and author of 'Is God Anti-Gay?'-on why Christians make a big deal out of homosexuality... (03:03)

When You Want To Change Your Husband (YouTube)

The Gospel Coalition - Jackie Hill, Jen Wilkin, Nancy Guthrie

Nov 26, 2016 - Nancy Guthrie, Jen Wilkin, and Jackie Hill Perry discuss what a married woman should do when she wants to change her husband's behavior. (09:41)

Guardrails, Part 5: The Heart of the Matter // Andy Stanley (YouTube)

Andy Stanley - Andy Stanley

Jan 29, 2018 - It's vital to erect guardrails around our hearts becuase an unguarded heart can overpower our most guarded behavior. (41:14)

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When Homosexual Behavior is a Big Issue (Vimeo)

Right From the Heart

Jun 14, 2014 - The Everest of Christian Belief (45:11)

NCC Q34: Since we are redeemed by grace alone, through Christ alone, must we still do good works and (YouTube)

The Gospel Coalition

Mar 25, 2014 - A34: Yes, because Christ, having redeemed us by his blood, also renews us by his Spirit; so that our lives may show love and gratitude to God; so that we may be assured of our faith by the fruits; and... (04:13)

Exclusivity: How can there be just one true religion? - Timothy Keller [Sermon] (YouTube)

Gospel in Life - Tim Keller

Aug 10, 2015 - Tim Keller sermons via Gospel in Life: Religion poses a danger of creating division or intolerance between groups of people. However, the gospel lead us to three things: humble service, reconciling behavior... (39:41)

Scripture: 1 John 4:1

Q34 Since We Are Redeemed by Grace Alone Must We Still Do Good Works? (YouTube)

The Gospel Coalition

Feb 15, 2018 - Since we are redeemed by grace alone, By grace alone, through Christ alone, Must we still do good works And obey God's Word? Since we are redeemed by grace alone? Yes, so that our lives may show love and... (02:58)


Related Verses

"beholding your chaste behavior coupled with fear." - 1 Peter 3:2

"having your behavior seemly among the Gentiles; that, wherein they speak against you as evil-doers, they" - 1 Peter 2:12

"your own husbands; that, even if any obey not the word, they may without the word be gained by the behavior" - 1 Peter 3:1

"And he changed his behavior before them, and feigned himself mad in their hands, and scrabbled on the" - 1 Samuel 21:13

"A Psalm of David; when he changed his behavior before Abimelech, who drove him away, and he departed." - Psalms 34:1