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Atheism, Feminism, and the Bible

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries - Ravi Zacharias

Feb 7, 2008 - Ravi Zacharias responds to a student's question about atheism, feminism, and the Bible at Penn State University. Ravi asks, "When someone denies the existence of God, what are they affirming in its place?"... (08:00)

Understanding and Answering Atheism June 23-24

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries - Ravi Zacharias, Vince Vitale

Apr 24, 2017 - Is religion dangerous? Is Christianity intolerant? Does God exist, and is He worth following? How do I share my faith in a culture where belief in God is dismissed as anti-intellectual and ridiculous?... (00:54)

Is atheism a worldview? An atheist philosopher challenges the assumption

Veritas Forum

Sep 19, 2016 - MIT philosophy professor, Alex Byrne, argues that atheism in and of itself is not a worldview, at The Veritas Forum at MIT, 2016. Professor Byrne is himself an atheist. See here for his articulation of... (01:34)

Atheism: Laughable and blasphemous

Desiring God

Feb 25, 2010 - (04:46)

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Peter Berger on a Russian response to scientific atheism

Veritas Forum

Feb 12, 2016 - Peter Berger tells a story about a Russian orthodox priest's response to scientific atheism. Find this and many other talks at SUBSCRIBE: FACEBOOK: Over the past two decades, The Veritas Forum has been... (01:30)

Christian Atheism: Judges 17-21

The Summit Church - J.D. Greear

Aug 3, 2015 - J.D. Greear (45:55)

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What Atheism Really Means.

Frank Turek

Nov 30, 2015 - Which one is the proper definition of Atheism? ----- Atheism: lack of belief in the existence of God. or Atheism: the negation of theism, the denial of the existence of God. FREE eBook Chapter Download:... (02:39)

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NYT columnist asks MIT professor about her path from atheism to faith

Veritas Forum

Jan 12, 2016 - NYT columnist, Ross Douthat, asks MIT computer scientist, Rosalind Picard, about her path from atheism to Christian faith. Find this and many other talks at SUBSCRIBE: FACEBOOK: Over the past two decades,... (02:54)

Respectfully Engaging Atheism

Dallas Theological Seminary

Feb 20, 2018 - In this episode, Drs. Darrell L. Bock and Glenn Kreider discuss world religions, focusing on atheism. The post Respectfully Engaging Atheism appeared first on DTS Voice.

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Understanding the New Atheism

Dallas Theological Seminary

Mar 8, 2016 - In this episode, Dr. Darrell Bock and Dr. Glenn Kreider discuss the New Atheism, focusing on key leaders, arguments and adherents. The post Understanding the New Atheism appeared first on DTS Voice.