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What You Need to Know About Sexual Identity If Your Child Seems Confused (YouTube)

The Gospel Coalition - Jackie Hill

Feb 10, 2017 - Jackie Hill Perry-poet and hip-hop artist-explains in this video what Christians need to know about sexual identity if their children seem confused. (02:19)

Tags: children

"Only Jesus Can Make Me Whole" - Jackie Hill Perry (YouTube)

The Gospel Coalition - Jackie Hill

Aug 28, 2015 - What is the most important thing church leaders can do to help people in their congregations who struggle with same-sex attraction? Jackie Hill Perry shares what helped her out the most and the powerful... (01:37)

Jackie Hill Perry on How to Resist Temptation to Sin (YouTube)

The Gospel Coalition - Jackie Hill

Nov 2, 2016 - Jackie Hill Perry, poet and hip-hop artist, on how to resist temptation to sin. (01:53)

Tags: temptation sin

Why Is Theology So Important? Can't Jesus Be Enough? (YouTube)

The Gospel Coalition - Kevin DeYoung

Feb 2, 2018 - If we're going to have Jesus, we need to have theology. Kevin DeYoung discusses the necessary connection between being a disciple of Jesus and theology. (03:21)

Tags: theology jesus

Jackie Hill-Perry - Why Has God Given Talents to Artists in in the Church? (YouTube)

The Gospel Coalition - Jackie Hill

Oct 30, 2017 - The heart should always be to make him as glorious as he is. Jackie Hill Perry on why God gives artistic talents to members of his church. (01:28)

Tags: church

Jackie Hill Perry: Love Is a Gospel Issue (YouTube)

The Gospel Coalition - Jackie Hill

Mar 22, 2018 - "If I love God, I must love people. I don't have the choice to choose when. Jackie Hill Perry-writer, speaker, and artist-discusses the urgency of love for the least of these in light of the gospel." Editors'... (01:21)

How Churches Can Address Hidden Feelings of Prejudice and Racism (YouTube)

The Gospel Coalition - Jackie Hill

Apr 3, 2018 - Jackie Hill Perry-writer, speaker, and artist-discusses how churches can seek to uproot sins of racism and insensitivity that can persist in a church: by creating a community that values the image of God... (02:08)

Why Is God's Sexual Ethic Good for the World? (YouTube)

The Gospel Coalition - Jackie Hill, Rosaria Butterfield, Sam Allberry

Oct 4, 2016 - Sam Allberry, Rosaria Butterfield, and Jackie Hill Perry consider how Scripture's sexual ethics are good news for the world. (07:24)

Tags: ethics

Religious Liberty and Racial Justice-It All Matters to God (YouTube)

The Gospel Coalition - Jackie Hill

Jul 7, 2017 - Religious liberty, abortion, marriage, and racial injustice-all of it matters to God, so all of it must matter to us. - Jackie Hill Perry (poet and hip-hop artist) (01:59)

Tags: marriage

Why Is Theology Important? Isn't Jesus Enough? (YouTube)

The Gospel Coalition - Russell Moore

Jun 19, 2018 - We're either doing theology well or we're doing theology poorly, but there is no situation, ever, where we're just not doing theology at all. Russell Moore-president of the ERLC and TGC Council member-demonstrates... (03:08)

Tags: theology jesus

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