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The Doctrine of End Times (YouTube)

Desiring God

Apr 2, 2013 - (14:24)

The Doctrine of the Wrath of God (YouTube)

Desiring God

Apr 2, 2013 - (12:12)

Tags: doctrine

Kevin DeYoung on the Doctrine of Scripture (YouTube)

Desiring God - Kevin DeYoung

Oct 18, 2012 - See the full resource: Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: (15:04)

Pastoral Thoughts on the Doctrine of Election (YouTube)

Desiring God

Apr 1, 2013 - (41:40)

Tags: doctrine

Is It Sin for Me Not to Like the Doctrine of Election? (YouTube)

Desiring God

Mar 31, 2013 - (03:33)

Tags: sin doctrine

Command of God: the Obedience of Faith (YouTube)

Desiring God

Mar 29, 2013 - (43:37)

Tags: faith

The Infinite Worth of the Word of God (YouTube)

Desiring God

Apr 2, 2013 - (30:51)

Behold the Lamb of God, Excerpt (YouTube)

Desiring God

Mar 28, 2013 - (04:34)

I Am the Light of the World (YouTube)

Desiring God

Mar 31, 2013 - (39:58)

The Legacy of Antioch (YouTube)

Desiring God

Apr 2, 2013 - (43:51)


Related Verses

"If any man teacheth a different doctrine, and consenteth not to sound words, even the words of our Lord" - 1 Timothy 6:3

"But speak thou the things which befit the sound doctrine:" - Titus 2:1

"in all things showing thyself an ensample of good works; in thy doctrine showing uncorruptness, gravity" - Titus 2:7

"For I give you good doctrine; Forsake ye not my law." - Proverbs 4:2

"For thou sayest, My doctrine is pure, And I am clean in thine eyes." - Job 11:4