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Young Earth vs. Old Earth Believers with Ken Ham (YouTube)

Answers In Genesis - Ken Ham

Aug 13, 2018 - When believers attempt to add evolution and millions of years to Genesis, they lay down a foundation of death and suffering on which to build their worldview. If Christians believe the lie that Genesis... (02:22)

Scripture: Genesis

It's a Gospel Issue with Ken Ham (YouTube)

Answers In Genesis - John Mac, John MacArthur, Ken Ham

Aug 13, 2018 - Many people think it doesn't matter what you believe about the Book of Genesis as long as you believe in Jesus. But it does matter, because the gospel message begins in Genesis! RESOURCES: The Genesis... (05:03)

Scripture: Genesis 1:1

Six Thousand Years with Ken Ham (YouTube)

Answers In Genesis - Ken Ham

Aug 13, 2018 - Using the Bible's chronologies and historical data, the age of the earth is calculated to be around 6,000 years; 2,000 years from Adam to Abraham, 2,000 years from Abraham to Christ, and 2,000 years from... (06:55)

Thinking Foundationally with Ken Ham (YouTube)

Answers In Genesis - Ken Ham

Aug 8, 2018 - When you build a house, you build from the foundation up-not the roof down. You need the right foundation for everything else to be built upon. The Bible is, in essence, similar in that the first book,... (09:26)

Scripture: Genesis

Adding Man's Word Into God's Word with Ken Ham (YouTube)

Answers In Genesis - Del Tackett, Ken Ham

Aug 13, 2018 - We constantly battle against the idea that you can add evolutionary ideas or millions of years to the Bible. Christians who compromise Genesis with evolution are really no different from the Israelites... (19:48)

Scripture: Genesis 1:1

Foundational Knowledge of the Gospel with Ken Ham (YouTube)

Answers In Genesis - Ken Ham

Aug 9, 2018 - Understanding the foundational aspects of the gospel in Genesis is a vital key to unlock a powerful method of evangelism to reach the world for Christ. RESOURCES: Gospel Reset - Salvation Made Relevant... (04:30)

Scripture: Genesis

The Relevance of Genesis in a Secular World with Ken Ham (YouTube)

Answers In Genesis - Ken Ham

Jul 30, 2018 - Ken Ham illustrates how compromise on Genesis-especially regarding millions of years and the reality of a literal Adam-has opened a dangerous door as to how Christians and the culture view biblical authority.... (57:20)

Scripture: Genesis

The Age of the Earth | Answers Bible Curriculum: Lesson 17 (YouTube)

Answers In Genesis - Ken Ham

Aug 15, 2018 - AiG's Bryan Osborne discusses a topic from Answers Bible Curriculum Lesson 17. RESOURCES: The Ultimate Answers Pack written by Ken Ham: The Answers Book for Kids Complete Set (Volumes 1 - 8): Age of... (03:55)

Tags: bible

A Basic Course in Genetics with Ken Ham (YouTube)

Answers In Genesis - Ken Ham

Aug 7, 2018 - The species on earth today descend from the original created kinds of Genesis 1. The many inter-species breedings that are possible today (e.g., zonkeys, wholphins), as well as the close similarities within... (10:38)

Scripture: Genesis 1

We're All Descendants of Adam and Eve with Ken Ham (YouTube)

Answers In Genesis - Ken Ham

Aug 7, 2018 - A careful reading of Genesis 1-11 indicates that God created Adam and Eve supernaturally and without prior ancestry, and that all of humanity traces their ancestry back to this original couple - and not... (09:55)


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