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KNOW (YouTube)

Southland Church

May 30, 2017 - (Exodus 3:1-14)-Moses is a great example of what can happen in our lives when we get to know God on a personal level. He went from being a reluctant leader to a relentless leader after an up-close encounter... (30:17)

Tags: exodus

Scripture: Exodus 3:1-14

NEON God Always Keeps His Word (YouTube)

Southland Church

Jul 16, 2018 - It's human nature to be impatient and want results sooner rather than later. God makes promises, but does not always fulfill them when we want him to. He operates by a different timetable but he never... (32:18)

Moses: Resisting God's Call - Exodus 4:1-17 - Pastor Jason Fritz (YouTube)

Illuminate Community Church - Jason Fritz

Jun 19, 2017 - God calls all of us to a unique calling, which most often is not what we want, Moses was no different. God Called Moses to lead Israel out of Egypt and into the Promised Land. Pastor Jason Fritz explains... (34:31)

Scripture: Exodus 4:1-17

"Moses - Preparing the Way for Salvation" - Exodus 1 - Pastor Jason Fritz (YouTube)

Illuminate Community Church - Jason Fritz

May 29, 2017 - Pastor Jason Fritz explores the Bible and Exodus 1 in the story of Moses we seeGod is always looking for the man or woman that will believe Him, despite weakness and doubts, and become a mighty tool in... (33:37)

Tags: moses salvation exodus bible man woman (+3 more)

Scripture: Exodus 1

YOU CAN'T RUIN YOUR LIFE! - Moses - Exodus 2 - Pastor Jason Fritz (YouTube)

Illuminate Community Church - Jason Fritz

Jun 5, 2017 - Sometimes we make bad decisions and think "My life is ruined!" If we look at the life of Moses in Exodus 2 we see that you can't ruin your life. Moses was raised in privilege being adopted by Pharaoh's... (39:40)

Scripture: Exodus 2

The Plagues of Egypt - Moses - Exodus 7-10 - Pastor Jason Fritz (YouTube)

Illuminate Community Church - Jason Fritz

Jul 3, 2017 - Pastor Jason Fritz preaches on the first 9 Plagues of Egypt and how God showed his power over the pagan gods of Egypt with each of them. We learn how Pharaoh having a hardened heart caused much pain to... (40:04)

2018-09-16 The Call (Vimeo)

Right From the Heart

Sep 16, 2018 - - (43:48)

"Moses: Defeating Discouragement" Exodus 5-6 - Pastor Jason Fritz (YouTube)

Illuminate Community Church - Jason Fritz

Jun 26, 2017 - Moses, in light of his journey with God, sees another barrier preventing the Israelites from escaping the grips of their Egyptian slave masters. With the Israelite morale reaching a discontented pitch,... (36:11)

Scripture: Exodus 5, Exodus 6

Words that Will Shape Our Worship (YouTube)

Seacoast Church - Josh Surratt

Oct 30, 2017 - In part one of the message series, Pastor Josh Surratt explains why worship is such an important part of our faith, and why we express ourselves in certain ways during worship. A Year in the Word -... (41:29)


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