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How compelling is the fine tuning argument? An atheist perspective (YouTube)

Veritas Forum

Oct 3, 2016 - MIT philosophy professor, Alex Byrne, shares his perspective on the fine tuning argument that suggests that the fact that the universe is apparently fine-tuned for life points us to the existence of a... (01:20)

How can we understand Genesis 1 and 2 outside an Enlightenment perspective? (YouTube)

Veritas Forum

Feb 17, 2016 - Math professor, Satyan Devadoss, shares his view of Genesis 1 and 2 at The Veritas Forum at Northwestern, 2014. Find this and many other talks at SUBSCRIBE: FACEBOOK: Over the past two decades, The... (01:34)

Scripture: Genesis 1

Is belief in the supernatural irrational? John Lennox (YouTube)

Veritas Forum - John Lennox

Feb 23, 2016 - Oxford professor, John Lennox, speaking at Texas A&M on whether belief in the supernatural is irrational or warranted. Find this and many other talks at SUBSCRIBE: FACEBOOK: Over the past two decades,... (01:15:54)

A Confucian perspective on truth (YouTube)

Veritas Forum

Mar 9, 2016 - Harvard dean, Rakesh Khurana, questions Harvard professor, Michael Puett, on truth and relativism. Find this and many other talks at SUBSCRIBE: FACEBOOK: Over the past two decades, The Veritas Forum... (04:27)

A mathematician explains why he believes in Christianity (YouTube)

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Feb 4, 2016 - Math professor, Satyan Devadoss, on how is belief in Christianity relates to his belief in mathematics. Find this and many other talks at SUBSCRIBE: FACEBOOK: Over the past two decades, The Veritas... (00:55)

NYT columnist interviews MIT computer scientist about technology, emotion, and belief in God (YouTube)

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Jan 8, 2016 - NYT columnist, Ross Douthat, interviews Rosalind Picard, MIT professor and director of MIT's Affective Computing Research Group, about her research on technology and emotion, its application to autism,... (21:30)

[official] Francis Collins - The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence of Belief (YouTube)

Veritas Forum

Dec 21, 2010 - Is there evidence for belief? Are science and faith consistent ways of seeing the world? Join us as Dr. Francis Collins, world-renowned geneticist, physician, and Former Director of the National Human... (01:33:10)

What is the meaning of life? An astrophysicists' perspective (YouTube)

Veritas Forum

Jan 27, 2016 - Jonathan Feng, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at University of California Irvine, on how his science and his faith inform his sense of meaning. - [forum description] Full library available AD FREE... (03:36)

Does Science End Religious Belief? (YouTube)

Veritas Forum

May 12, 2016 - S. Joshua Swamidass and Joe Fradella discuss issues related to faith and science at The Veritas Forum: "Does Science End Religious Belief? A Baha'i Engineer & Scientist Christian Discuss" held at Oregon... (01:14:46)

[official] Rationality of Belief in God - Peter Kreeft at Iowa State University (YouTube)

Veritas Forum

Jun 4, 2012 - - Is there a God? How do we know? If we have faith in God, isn't it just a shot in the dark? And how is it reasonable to believe in God given the evidence that the existence of evil provides? Join Dr. (01:19:42)


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