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Philippians 2:14-18 // One of the Hardest Sins to Conquer (YouTube)

Desiring God - John Piper

Jul 28, 2018 - God has recreated us for holiness and promised to help us in the pursuit. In this lab, John Piper explains why taming the tongue will be one of the hardest challenges we face. For the study guide, visit... (12:04)

Scripture: Philippians 2:14-18

Turn: Why You Keep Falling into Sexual Sin // Six Steps to Defeating Sexual Sin (YouTube)

Desiring God - John Piper

Aug 25, 2018 - Many fail in their fight against lust because they think the battle is over once they have said no. In this lab, John Piper explains why we must not only refuse lust but turn our minds to heavenly beauty.... (09:06)

Tags: sin lust

Finding the Assurance of Salvation: John 2:23-3:16 (Vimeo)

The Summit Church - J.D. Greear

Sep 22, 2014 - J.D. Greear 9/21/2014 (43:15)

Romans 8:16 // The Witness of the Spirit (YouTube)

Desiring God - John Piper

Dec 10, 2014 - The Holy Spirit has a massive role in Romans 8, and in the rest of the Bible, but he is often overlooked. In this lab, John Piper highlights the work of the Holy Spirit, specifically three ways he testifies... (08:52)

Scripture: Romans 8:16

1 Corinthians 15:9-10 ,Part 1 // Grace Redeems the Worst Pasts (YouTube)

Desiring God - John Piper

Oct 19, 2015 - God's grace rescued one of the worst sinners in history, a man who by his own admission was a persecutor, blasphemer, and murderer. Paul's story gives every sinner hope. In this lab, John Piper defines... (13:11)

Where to Stand When All Is Shaking (Super Bowl Halftime Alternative 2017) (YouTube)

Desiring God - John Piper

Feb 3, 2017 - Looking for a 25-minute alternative to the Super Bowl halftime show? Watch John Piper celebrate his favorite verse in all the Bible. John Piper | Bethlehem College & Seminary | Minneapolis | Originally... (24:57)

Tags: bible seminary

1 John 1:5-10 // How Do I Walk in the Light? (YouTube)

Desiring God

Nov 16, 2017 - Walking in the light is a matter of life and death for the Christian. In this lab, Pastor John teaches us what it means and how to do it. For the study guide, visit (11:34)

Tags: john 1 john

Scripture: 1 John 1:5-10

2 Corinthians 9:6-11 // Do You Trust God With Your Money? (YouTube)

Desiring God - John Piper

Jan 3, 2018 - In this lab, John Piper reminds us that we do not trust God with our lives like we should when we do not trust him with our wallets. For the study guide, visit (13:09)

2 Corinthians 1:3-6 // Do You Know the God of All Comfort? (YouTube)

Desiring God - John Piper

May 29, 2018 - Our God is a God of all comfort. In this lab, John Piper calls us to not only see this as fact but to rejoice in it as a cause for worship. For the study guide, visit (13:21)

Why We Hold on to Bitterness // Battling Unbelief (YouTube)

Desiring God - John Piper

Nov 24, 2018 - Bitterness is an unforgiving, resentful, antagonistic spirit toward someone for being wronged. In this lab, John Piper shows how we can fight bitterness by believing that God will vindicate his people... (10:42)

Scripture: Ephesians 4:32


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