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16052 Nehemiah 10.1-39

Sermon Library - Vernon McGee

Nov 8, 2017 - The Book of Nehemiah - Thru the Bible by Dr. J. Vernon McGee - video upload powered by (02:46)

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Scripture: Nehemiah 10:1-39

Rebuilt Through Sacrificial Commitment Part 2

Epiphany Fellowship Church - Eric Mason

Apr 22, 2012 - Pastor Eric Mason discusses Nehemiah 10:28-30,32-39 and its applications for family and financial commitment. (43:21)

Scripture: Nehemiah 10:28-30

Nehemiah 10:30

30 and that we would not give our daughters unto the peoples of the land, nor take their daughters for our sons;

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"And I contended with them, and cursed them, and smote certain of them, and plucked off their hair, and made them swear by God, saying, Ye shall not give your daughters unto their sons, nor take their daughters for your sons, or for yourselves." - Nehemiah 13:25

"Take ye wives, and beget sons and daughters; and take wives for your sons, and give your daughters to husbands, that they may bear sons and daughters: and multiply ye there, and be not diminished." - Jeremiah 29:6

"now therefore give not your daughters unto their sons, neither take their daughters unto your sons, nor seek their peace or their prosperity for ever; that ye may be strong, and eat the good of the land, and leave it for an inheritance to your children for ever." - Ezra 9:12

"And make ye marriages with us; give your daughters unto us, and take our daughters unto you." - Genesis 34:9

"and they took their daughters to be their wives, and gave their own daughters to their sons and served their gods." - Judges 3:6