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Where Do We Go From Here? (Vimeo)

Concord Church Dallas

Sep 17, 2018 - Nehemiah 1:!-4 (41:33)

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Scripture: Nehemiah 1:1-11

16006 Nehemiah 1.7-11 (YouTube)

Sermon Library - Vernon McGee

Nov 8, 2017 - The Book of Nehemiah - Thru the Bible by Dr. J. Vernon McGee - video upload powered by (03:06)

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Scripture: Nehemiah 1:7-11

Rebuilt to Rebuild: Through an Encounter with God (Podcast)

Epiphany Fellowship Church - Eric Mason

Oct 30, 2011 - Pastor Eric Mason preaches from Nehemiah 1:4-11 on seeing the miraculous power of God transcending our circumstances, and the need for repentance. (50:16)

Scripture: Nehemiah 1:4-11

Nehemiah: Rebuilt to Rebuild (Podcast)

Epiphany Fellowship Church - Eric Mason

Oct 23, 2011 - Pastor Eric Mason preaches from Nehemiah 1:1-5. He explains the relation of the narrative in the book of Nehemiah and his passion for the city to missions in the cities in which we reside. God rebuilds... (45:01)

Scripture: Nehemiah 1:1-11

Nehemiah 1:8

8 Remember, I beseech thee, the word that thou commandedst thy servant Moses, saying, If ye trespass, I will scatter you abroad among the peoples:

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"Remember the word which Moses the servant of Jehovah commanded you, saying, Jehovah your God giveth you rest, and will give you this land." - Joshua 1:13

"Remember the word unto thy servant, Because thou hast made me to hope." - Psalms 119:49

"For thou didst separate them from among all the peoples of the earth, to be thine inheritance, as thou spakest by Moses thy servant, when thou broughtest our fathers out of Egypt, O Lord Jehovah." - 1 Kings 8:53

"we have dealt very corruptly against thee, and have not kept the commandments, nor the statutes, nor the ordinances, which thou commandedst thy servant Moses." - Nehemiah 1:7

"and madest known unto them thy holy sabbath, and commandedst them commandments, and statutes, and a law, by Moses thy servant," - Nehemiah 9:14