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03119 Leviticus 25.10-55

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Scripture: Leviticus 25:10-55

Leviticus 25:37

37 Thou shalt not give him thy money upon interest, nor give him thy victuals for increase.

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"Take thou no interest of him or increase, but fear thy God; that thy brother may live with thee." - Leviticus 25:36

"And Joseph said, Give your cattle; and I will give you for your cattle, if money fail." - Genesis 47:16

"Thou shalt not lend upon interest to thy brother; interest of money, interest of victuals, interest of anything that is lent upon interest." - Deuteronomy 23:19

"then wherefore gavest thou not my money into the bank, and I at my coming should have required it with interest?" - Luke 19:23

"Thou shalt sell me food for money, that I may eat; and give me water for money, that I may drink: only let me pass through on my feet;" - Deuteronomy 2:28