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Scripture: Leviticus 2:1

Leviticus 2:1

1 And when any one offereth an oblation of a meal-offering unto Jehovah, his oblation shall be of fine flour; and he shall pour oil upon it, and put frankincense thereon:

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"And thou shalt put oil upon it, and lay frankincense thereon: it is a meal-offering." - Leviticus 2:15

"then shall he that offereth his oblation offer unto Jehovah a meal-offering of a tenth part of an ephah of fine flour mingled with the fourth part of a hin of oil:" - Numbers 15:4

"And if thy oblation be a meal-offering of the frying-pan, it shall be made of fine flour with oil." - Leviticus 2:7

"And he shall take up therefrom his handful, of the fine flour of the meal-offering, and of the oil thereof, and all the frankincense which is upon the meal-offering, and shall burn it upon the altar for a sweet savor, as the memorial thereof, unto Jehovah." - Leviticus 6:15

"and three tenth parts of an ephah of fine flour for a meal-offering, mingled with oil, for each bullock; and two tenth parts of fine flour for a meal-offering, mingled with oil, for the one ram;" - Numbers 28:12