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Scripture: Leviticus 14:10-32

Leviticus 14:32

32 This is the law of him in whom is the plague of leprosy, who is not able to get that which pertaineth to his cleansing.

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"This is the law for all manner of plague of leprosy, and for a scall," - Leviticus 14:54

"When the plague of leprosy is in a man, then he shall be brought unto the priest;" - Leviticus 13:9

"and the priest shall go forth out of the camp; and the priest shall look; and, behold, if the plague of leprosy be healed in the leper," - Leviticus 14:3

"to teach when it is unclean, and when it is clean: this is the law of leprosy." - Leviticus 14:57

"and the priest shall look on the plague in the skin of the flesh: and if the hair in the plague be turned white, and the appearance of the plague be deeper than the skin of his flesh, it is the plague of leprosy; and the priest shall look on him, and pronounce him unclean." - Leviticus 13:3