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Scripture: Joshua 16:1-10

Joshua 16:4

4 And the children of Joseph, Manasseh and Ephraim, took their inheritance.

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"The sons of Joseph after their families: Manasseh and Ephraim." - Numbers 26:28

"Of the children of Joseph: Of Ephraim: Elishama the son of Ammihud. Of Manasseh: Gamaliel the son of Pedahzur." - Numbers 1:10

"because the daughters of Manasseh had an inheritance among his sons. And the land of Gilead belonged unto the rest of the sons of Manasseh." - Joshua 17:6

"And Joshua spake unto the house of Joseph, even to Ephraim and to Manasseh, saying, Thou art a great people, and hast great power; thou shalt not have one lot only:" - Joshua 17:17

"For the children of Joseph were two tribes, Manasseh and Ephraim: and they gave no portion unto the Levites in the land, save cities to dwell in, with the suburbs thereof for their cattle and for their substance." - Joshua 14:4