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Exodus 37:24

24 Of a talent of pure gold made he it, and all the vessels thereof.

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"Of a talent of pure gold shall it be made, with all these vessels." - Exodus 25:39

"And he made the lamps thereof, seven, and the snuffers thereof, and the snuffdishes thereof, of pure gold." - Exodus 37:23

"And he made the vessels which were upon the table, the dishes thereof, and the spoons thereof, and the bowls thereof, and the flagons thereof, wherewith to pour out, of pure gold." - Exodus 37:16

"And he overlaid it with pure gold, and made thereto a crown of gold round about." - Exodus 37:11

"And he made the candlestick of pure gold: of beaten work made he the candlestick, even its base, and its shaft; its cups, it knops, and its flowers, were of one piece with it." - Exodus 37:17