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Honoring God's Authority (Vimeo)

Hickory Grove Baptist Church

Jan 17, 2013 - "The Ten Commandments" Exodus 20:1-3 Pastor Clint Pressley Wednesday January 16, 2013 (40:21)

Scripture: Exodus 20:1-3

The Jealousy of God - Timothy Keller [Sermon] (YouTube)

Gospel in Life - Tim Keller

Aug 10, 2015 - Tim Keller sermons via Gospel in Life: Modern people are often uncomfortable when the Bible speaks of God's jealousy. Yet, God's jealousy is intimately related to God's love toward us. The relationship... (38:41)

Scripture: Exodus 20:1-6

11/20/16 - The Lovable Law: Part Three - Randy Pope (Vimeo)

Perimeter Church - Randy Pope

Nov 21, 2016 - God never gives laws arbitrarily; all give are for our benefit, for our good. Join Randy as he looks at the first of the Ten Commandments in his message "Falling In Love With Mannequins". Randy uses Exodus... (41:43)

Scripture: Exodus 20:1-3

02072 Exodus 20.1, 2 (YouTube)

Sermon Library - Vernon McGee

Oct 24, 2017 - The Book of Exodus - Thru the Bible by Dr. J. Vernon McGee -Video Upload powered by (11:26)

Tags: exodus bible

Scripture: Exodus 20:1-2

The Life You Were Meant To Live - Part 2 with Rick Warren (Korean Subtitles) (YouTube)

Saddleback Church - Rick Warren

Jun 3, 2015 - Pastor Rick Warren teaches about how envy causes us to miss the purpose of our lives and how to evict envy by looking at the Bible passages Ephesians 1:4-5, Ephesians 2:10, Exodus 20:17, Psalm 139:13-16,... (55:28)

Sermon on the Ten Commandments from Exodus 20:1-17 by Pastor Colin Smith | 10 Commandments (YouTube)

Unlocking the Bible - Colin Smith

Oct 26, 2012 - Pastor Colin Smith preached this sermon on the Old Testament Law and the Ten Commandments at The Orchard Evangelical Free Church, in Arlington Heights, IL. To download the series or order these sermons (43:47)

Scripture: Exodus 20:1-17

Focus on First Gear (YouTube)

Seacoast Church - Josh Surratt

Jan 15, 2018 - What we do first not only will tell us a lot about who we are and what is important to us, but it will also shape everything else that we do! Pastor Josh Surratt and Lisa Surratt challenge us to evaluate... (40:09)

Great Failure, Greater Hope - The Ten Commandments (Vimeo)

The Summit Church - J.D. Greear

Mar 28, 2016 - Exodus 20:1-10; Numbers Numbers 21:4-9 Pastor J.D. Greear From the series, "The Whole Story: From Genesis To Revelation". (42:52)

11/6/16 - The Lovable Law: Part One - Randy Pope (Vimeo)

Perimeter Church - Randy Pope

Nov 8, 2016 - Randy Pope begins a new series in which he will walk through the 10 Commandments. This week his message, "Love Stipulations, Part 1", focuses on Exodus 19:1 - 20:20; 24:3-8 and reminds us that if we don't... (42:14)

Sermon: "Your Struggle with God" Exodus 20:1-3 on the 10 Commandments (YouTube)

Unlocking the Bible - Colin Smith

Oct 22, 2013 - Your Struggle with God 09/12/2004 | Exodus 20.1-3 Preacher: Pastor Colin Smith Series: The 10 Greatest Struggles of Your Life Book: Exodus Question: Why do I struggle to let God be God? Topic: Power Doctrine: (24:21)

Scripture: Exodus 20:1-3

Exodus 20:1

1 And God spake all these words, saying,

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