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Oct 28, 2017 - The book of Deuteronomy by Dr. J. Vernon McGee from Thru the Bible (02:18)

Deuteronomy 22:13

13 If any man take a wife, and go in unto her, and hate her,

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"A man shall not take his father’s wife, and shall not uncover his father’s skirt." - Deuteronomy 22:30

"And if the man like not to take his brother’s wife, then his brother’s wife shall go up to the gate unto the elders, and say, My husband’s brother refuseth to raise up unto his brother a name in Israel; he will not perform the duty of a husband’s brother unto me." - Deuteronomy 25:7

"And when she is departed out of his house, she may go and be another man’s wife." - Deuteronomy 24:2

"When a man taketh a new wife, he shall not go out in the host, neither shall he be charged with any business: he shall be free at home one year, and shall cheer his wife whom he hath taken." - Deuteronomy 24:5

"but thou shalt go unto my father’s house, and to my kindred, and take a wife for my son." - Genesis 24:38