Hokma.com Frequently Asked Questions

Hokma.com -- what's that all about?

"Hokma" is the Hebrew word for "wisdom."

At Hokma.com, our goal is to make it easier for you to find Biblical wisdom. On Hokma.com you can search for any topic or Bible verse, and we will do our best to deliver results to you that explain the wisdom of the Bible.

What is Hokma, Inc.?

Hokma, Inc. is a U.S.-based non-profit organization created with the mission of promoting Biblical teaching that points to Jesus Christ.

What content is included on Hokma.com?

The goal of Hokma.com is to use technology to elevate teaching that points to Jesus Christ. We intend for our search results to include content that aligns with that mission. Presently, we are in a beta release and have included a small number of Christian teachers who (1) align with that vision and (2) also have a structured feed or API for us to ingest.

If you would like to suggest a source for us to include, please contact us.

Why don’t you include <insert preacher name here> on Hokma.com?

Currently, Hokma.com is in a limited beta testing phase with a small number of content sources. When we officially launch in 2018, we will include much more content.

Our goal is to organize and categorize Bible-centered teaching that points to Jesus Christ. To learn more about our beliefs, please read our Statement of Faith.

If you would like to suggest a source of Bible-centered teaching that points to Jesus Christ, then we would love to hear your suggestion. You can suggest a source here.

Why do you include <insert preacher name here> on Hokma.com?

We realize that there are many different theological perspectives within Christianity, and our goal is not to exclude any one particular perspective or denomination. Rather, we desire to include any content that is consistent with the Bible and elevates Jesus as Lord. However, content that either is inconsistent with the Bible or promotes someone (or something) other than Jesus as Lord and King is incompatible with our mission and will not be included on Hokma.com.

Just as you would apply discretion and wisdom to any teaching you consume, you should apply discretion and wisdom to links on the Internet, including links on Hokma.com. If you see a search result on Hokma.com that you believe is inconsistent with our Statement of Faith, you can flag that search result, which will notify us to review it.

How can I improve the placement of my content on Hokma.com search results pages?

Like all search engines, Hokma.com relies on the the content metadata to determine how to classify content. This includes content such as the title, description, and also Bible book, chapter and verse. Therefore, when you post your content online, be sure to give each piece of content a unique and descriptive title and description. Be sure to include important keywords that align with what people might be searching for. If your content pertains to a particular verse or passage in the Bible, be sure to include the reference to that passage in the title or description.

Is watching Bible teaching on the internet an alternative to going to a church?

Absolutely not. While you can learn a lot from watching a video, you miss out on the essential community elements of a church. Watching even the best teaching online is never a substitute for being involved in a local church.

Similarly, watching Bible teaching on the internet is never a substitute for doing your own study of the Bible. We believe the Bible is God’s personal message revealed to us, and therefore when we read the Bible as God’s authoritative and personal revelation to us, we allow God to spiritually form us. There are no shortcuts to that spiritual formation, and therefore, watching Bible teaching online (or even listening to your church pastor) should only supplement your personal reading of the Bible, not replace it.