About Hokma.com

Simple. Biblical. Wisdom.

Hokma.com is a search engine for Christian Bible teaching and information. Our goal is to aggregate and organize Bible teaching so that it is more easily found, and discoverable by as many people as possible.

Without a doubt, there is an abundance of useful, life-giving Christian teaching happening in countless churches each week. Unfortunately, however, much of that content is never heard again beyond Sunday morning, or made available to a wider audience. Meanwhile, we live in a world that desperately needs to hear the true Gospel -- the Christian message of grace, forgiveness and reconciliation.

Therefore, at Hokma.com, we seek to aggregate and organize this wealth of material that explains the Bible and points to Jesus. Our mission is to use technology to make it easier to find messages that elevate Biblical wisdom and glorify Jesus. We believe that such teaching can change peoples' lives for the better, so we want to help people to find this teaching.

So, suppose you are looking for teaching on christian ethics, or lessons on parenting or sermons on marriage - Hokma.com is the place to go to easily find great christian teaching on these topics. Have questions about defending the faith? Hokma.com makes it easy to find that content, too. Looking for Bible teaching on a specific Bible verse? We’ve got that for you too.

And of course, if you’re on the go, Hokma.com makes it easy to discover and listen to Bible teaching while you’re out and about. Our website works well on mobile devices to enable you to find great Bible teaching anywhere.

January 2018 Update

Hokma.com is a brand new product, and is currently in a beta release. If you have comments or suggestions, please let us know.

Why do we need a search engine for Christian content? Aren’t today’s mainstream search engines good enough?

Simple. Biblical. Wisdom. These three words are what makes Hokma.com different, and you will see this difference as you soon as you search on Hokma.com.

The mainstream search engines of today are truly amazing technologies and have revolutionized how people find information.

However, these search engines fail at providing succinct search results for some types of queries; they literally provide too much information. Because these search engines have indexed everything on the internet, it can be difficult for users to efficiently find answers to deeper questions on nuanced spiritual matters. We believe Hokma.com is a much more efficient tool for finding these answers.

Furthermore, on the internet at large, it can sometimes be difficult to quickly know if a given search result is consistent with Christian principles. Because Hokma.com is a search engine built specifically to find Christian teaching, it is a much more efficient tool for searching for Christian messages.

Finally, if you are looking for teaching on a specific Bible passage, our proprietary Bible verse classification engine makes it easy to find content on a specific verse -- even if that verse was not mentioned in the teaching’s original title or description.

How to get listed in Hokma.com

At Hokma.com, we believe that any Bible-centered teaching that points to Jesus Christ can change people's lives for the better. Therefore, we are happy to include any content that is consistent with the teaching of the Bible.

We realize that there are many different theological perspectives within Christianity, and our goal is not to exclude any one particular perspective or denomination. Rather, we desire to include any content that is consistent with the Bible and elevates Jesus as Lord. However, content that either is inconsistent with the Bible or promotes someone (or something) other than Jesus as Lord and King is incompatible with our mission and will not be included on Hokma.com.

If you are interested in having your content listed in Hokma.com, please first read our statement of faith to see what we are about. After reading that, if you would like us to index content that is consistent with our statement of faith, then please contact us.