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Have a favorite Bible verse? Studying a new chapter for the first time? Or, do you simply have questions about the Bible? Hokma.com can help you find contemporary teaching on nearly any verse in the Bible.


Not sure where to start? You're in the right place! On hokma.com, you can search for any topic that is relevant to your life. Whether it's ambition or authority, dating or debt, worry or worship, you can find it on hokma.com.


Hokma, Inc. is a non-profit committed to lifting up teaching that points to Jesus Christ. Therefore on hokma.com, you won't find irrelevant content or tasteless ads. Everything we do serves the goal of helping people connect with Biblical teaching.

What actually is hokma?

Hokma is the Hebrew word for "wisdom." Wisdom is not just knowledge, but rather, wisdom is the ability to apply knowledge to make the right decisions in life. The pages of the Bible are an endless source of this wisdom. But if you have never studied the Bible, it can be difficult to know where to begin. So, we created Hokma.com as a way to connect you (yes, you) with the best Bible teachers out there today -- teachers who make it their goal to pass on the hokma of the Bible.

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